Enabling Infrastructure & The Opportunity to Power the Next Generation of Fintechs

  • Identity & risk — fraud, KYC, AML, compliance
  • Lending & insurance — underwriting, servicing, loan management software
  • Banking — banking as a service (BaaS)
  • Data aggregation & normalization — bank accounts, accounting, data normalization
  • Payments — processors, payment facilitators, payouts
  • Card issuing — debit and credit cards, virtual cards
  • Custody / clearing — brokerage
  • Income verification — direct deposit switching, payroll data
  • Crypto — enabling infrastructure for traditional FIs
  1. Product Launch



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Medha Agarwal

Medha Agarwal

Currently @RedpointVC. Former founder, ops, and consultant. Proud @HarvardHBS @Harvard @Radlwtcrew @Bainalerts alum. Recovering New Yorker, currently loving SF